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Toru Muranishi (born September 9, 1948, Fukushima)

Known in Japan as the "Emperor of Porn," he has 7 past convictions, had 5 billion yen in debt, and had 370 indictments from US Justice Authorities.

Muranishi moved to Tokyo after graduating high school and sold English study books. He then changed his career into the video game lease industry, however experiencing success, he moved on to underground (uncensored and illegal) pornography-book production, working as the chairman of the Hokudai Kanda Books group, where he was called the “Emperor of Uncensored Porn.”

Muranishi then moved into adult video industry, which was just finding its voice. He is known for his innovative filming styles, apparent in “BUKKAKE (Face Shower)”, “EKIBEN FUCK”, and HAMEDORI (Sex filming). He is responsible for the success of many popular adult film actresses and built the foundation for the adult film “golden age” in Japan in the 1980s, producing over 3,000 films.

In October 2016, the film THE NAKE DIRECTOR: The Legend of Toru Muranishi (written by Nobuhiro Motohashi, Ohta Publishing Co.) was released, based on his life. In August 2018, his film was dramatized as a Netflix original series. It is currently available worldwide in over 190 countries, with enormous popularity.